3 Simple Products to Prevent Snoring at Night

3 Simple Products to Prevent Snoring at Night

Article by John Cielo

Night snoring is a curse, not only to the snorer, but also to the snorer’s partner and even the rest of the family. A person who snores may just think of it as something that most people do and really isn’t a problem. But they are wrong…

Apart from the sleepless nights that it causes their loved ones, the snorer doesn’t realize that they aren’t getting the proper sleep cycle, so over time it can affect their health. And, for sure, they will never quite feel alive and awake during the day, as non-snorers do.

So how can you tackle this problem that can be so bad that sleeping partners often sleep in different rooms, or even worse, can break relationships? One way to stop snoring at night is to use aids or devices that can help rectify the common causes of snoring…

Often, the problem occurs when a sleeper’s lower jaw moves down when they are asleep and totally relaxed. This puts pressure on the neck and thus the throat resulting in a restricted air passage. Your air then has to move faster, which in turn causes it to become turbulent. This turbulent airflow ‘buffets’ the soft tissue in your airways causing the sounds we know as snoring.

(1) This leads us to the first anti snoring device or product: a snoring chin strap. This is a simple product, made from neoprene or similar, that goes over the top of your head and underneath your jaw so that your jaw is maintained in its position next to your upper jaw.

(2) The next product to prevent snoring at night is the snoring mouthpiece. This essentially does the same as the snoring chin strap in that it helps to keep your jaw forward and against your top jaw. But it does so by the insertion of plastic ‘gum shields’ that cover your top and bottom gums and which are attached together. There is usually also a part that prevents your tongue slipping back into your airway.

(3) The third anti snoring product is the snore pillow. This is used where the snorer tends to always sleep on their back. In this position of course the jaw and tongue can move down and backwards restricting the airway.

An anti snoring pillow is especially shaped to make it almost impossible to sleep on your back and forces you on to your side. It is also shaped in such a way that it helps to keep the head and neck in the best position for maximum airflow whan breathing.

So there you have 3 simple products to prevent snoring at night, which isn’t only good for you, but also your partner and the rest of your family. But there are many other things that you can do to give you the greatest chance of stopping snoring. These are things such as special exercises, dietary considerations, lifestyle adjustments, and so on…

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