Explanations And Treatment Of Snoring Problems

The snoring sound is generated when there is an obstruction to respiratory tract through the back from the mouth and nose. In this area the language matches the soft palate and uvula. When these structures collide with each other there is a vibration during breathing, generating the normal noise of snoring.  Snoring problems tend to be more common in men and in obese or overweight and worsens as we grow old.


Snorers have a minumum of one of the following problems:


– Low tone of muscle in the muscles with the throat or tongue. A weak muscles make the tongue to fall backward, and also the muscles of the throat collapse the airway. This happens when the muscle is very relaxed person alcohol, drugs or drugs that induce drowsiness. But it also occurs in some people when they are relaxed in deep sleep stages.


– An excessive progression of the tissues with the throat. Large tonsils or adenoids developed excessively (vegetation), for instance, are the reason behind snoring in children. Obese people also suffer an increase in the size of these tissues. Similarly, although more uncommon, cysts or tumors can also be factors that create snoring.


– Excessive entire soft palate and uvula. A huge mouth may become narrow passage involving the nose and throat. Because the soft palate hangs on the entrance towards the respiratory tract, provides a flow valve so when relaxed breathing occurs plays a part in the noise of snoring. An equally large uvula compounds the issue.


– Obstruction from the nasal airways. When struggling with a nasal obstruction or blockage is essential to make an endeavor to inhale air with the nose. This creates an exaggerated vacuum inside the throat becomes a collapse from the airway and soft tissue pushes in to the throat. So in infections of the nose can happen snoring in people who are not habitually snore. This explains why many people snore only during spring (allergy to pollen). Similarly, nasal septal deformities are a common cause of obstruction towards the passage of air and can cause snoring at night.




This is often a family problem, the snorer generates discontent those types of who bear the snoring turns into a problem coming, marital breakdown occur occasionally. Additionally, there are trouble for the individual and also the snoring disrupts your sleep and this is not restful, so the big snorers generally have higher blood pressure levels than non-snorers. In exaggerated cases it can cause a condition called obstructive sleep apnea, this occurs once the noisy breathing of snoring is interrupted by installments of stopped breathing.




As general measures are recommended:


– Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and daily exercises.

Prevent the use of tranquilizers and antihistamines before going to bed.

– Don’t drink alcohol before going to bed.

Do not make big dinner before bed.

– Avoid excessive tiredness.

– Sleep in your corner preferably a lot better than your back.

– Place the bed tilted, raising the head.

Be sure that the people in your household to sleep earlier.


In any case the big snorers ought to be a medical study, onto your nose, mouth, palate, throat and neck to stop snoring problems. Conduct an Rx of sinuses, or nasopharynx in children. Afterwards, and when there is a cause we have to take appropriate corrective actions:


Try a nasal allergy or infection

– Surgery of rhinoplasty.

– Removing the tonsils or adenoids (adenoids).

– Surgery to cut back the size of the palate and throat (-pharyngo-palatine uvulo-plasty).

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