Free Snoring Stop Advice

Free Snoring Stop Advice

Snoring can have negative effects on a person’s health. For instance the irregular sleeping patterns throughout the night can lead to low productivity during the day and an overwhelming sense of sleepiness. Snoring also affects one’s partner or other persons that sleep within the same room or house. Snoring has real psychological effects and is known to cause weight loss, head and muscle aches, restlessness, depression, excessive anxiety and irritability.

But for one to understand how any of the free snoring stop solutions work, it is important to get a grip on the actual causes of snoring. Snoring is mainly caused by the relaxation of the throat muscles that in turn leads to a retraction of the tongue. This leads to the constriction of the wind pipe as the tongue blocks part of it. The obstruction is what causes the vibrating sound of snoring as the air finds difficulty passing through the wind pipe. The relaxation of the throat muscles may be caused by any one or a combination of several factors. Alcohol consumption is one example; it relaxes the muscles and will cause snoring especially if taken just before bedtime.

Obstructions by body fluids such as saliva and mucus are another common cause of snoring. Enlarged adenoids or tonsils can also cause snoring and more so in children. The adenoids block the wind pipe and the blocked windpipe leads to the rattling sound. Persons with a low and thick palate are also affected in a similar way. Snoring may also be caused by chest related illnesses and conditions such as acute chest congestion, respiratory allergies, nasal polyps or even a common cold.

Many free snoring stop solutions are meant to keep the throat muscles from relaxing but there are others that also work on the other causes of snoring. If the underlying cause of snoring is an illness or a certain behavior pattern such as drinking alcohol, then treating the illness and stopping behavior that can cause snoring is the first thing to do. Treating the underlying illness is likely to cost you but changing behavior a free snoring stop solution. Another free stop snoring solution is to change your sleeping posture. Getting a thin pillow that slightly raises your head as you sleep is another way to prevent the wind pipe clear from obstruction as you sleep.

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