Helping a Partner Solve Snoring

Are you and your partner in the process of patching things up? Are you sleeping separately because of your spouse’s snoring? This can be a thing of the past now as your partner has let go of his pride and has take in to himself to look for good cures for snoring. This has affected you positively that you want to be part of the treatment process every step of the way until it is totally resolved.

So for you and your partner to have a glimpse of what awaits you, the following is a list of different cures for snoring as suggested by doctors and alternative medicine practitioners:

 The first proper cure is something that has to do with the snorer’s recognition of the concern. This is also the first step of healing. The person has to admit to himself that he has a snoring problem that has to be addressed.

 The person must also point out particularly the cause of the problem because snoring may be brought about by any physical condition such as obesity and a cleft palate.

This may also be because of one’s lifestyle such as the acquired preference for the use of tobacco, cigarettes and also alcohol. Once the cause is discovered, the treatment process could now proceed. Here is a list of some causes of snoring and what one could do to banish these causes.

1. Being overweight – One only has to lose the excess pounds and tone the muscles. Maybe you are not aware of it but when you exercise the other parts of your body, some of your throat’s areas are toned too.

2. Smoking and alcohol-drinking – A good solution to this is to quit your smoking and to put a stop to your beer-guzzling binges. Deciding to stop smoking for good should clear you nasal passages from the cigarette substances blocking it, which is behind your snoring woes.

3. Sleeping on one’s back – One only has to know how to sleep on one side. If one has the difficulty in acquiring this habit you can try the so-called “Tennis Ball Trick” wherein you put a tennis ball on the topmost part of one’s PJs. This should help in preventing you from lying on your back.

These are just a few suggestions. Other things that one could do to stop snoring is to keeping the bedroom air moist, by not eating a large meal or drinking a dairy product immediately before bedtime, doing throat exercises, putting on a lower-jaw positioner, and singing. But if all else fails, you can always go for surgery as last resolve.

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