Snoring has a number of negative effects on your well being, being one of the primary causes of sleep deprivation, headaches and overall loss of productivity. You may feel that it effects not only your own sleep, but also be a cause of great frustration to your partner as well, causing problems within an otherwise happy relationship. While the short term effects may be relatively harmless, long-run chronic snorers can develop high blood pressure and are more likely to suffer from lung or heart problems. Fortunately in today’s sleep dentistry industry there are effective snoring solutions that help combat the long and short-term affects of snoring.
You can stop snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea with an oral appliance snoring device. The treatment is painless, harmless and most of all effective. Oral appliances are easy and comfortable to wear during sleep. They are similar to a custom fitting mouth guard and will not prevent you from opening and closing your mouth, talking or yawning. Majority of sleep dentists consider dental sleep appliances as the most effective treatment for snoring and studies have demonstrated that dental sleep appliances are far more effective than surgical treatments.
Through the treatment of an oral appliance snoring aid you can experience a number of benefits, from improving your quality of life through to greater vitality, increased working performance and reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.  With an oral appliance snoring device you can be confidant that you will snore no more, finally ending those sleepless nights.

Dr John Harrison is a dentist in Sydney, Australia with a special interest in snoring prevention. For more information, visit his site at http://www.stopsnoringsydney.com.au/

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