Video Review – Opus 360 Nasal Pillows Mask ( what you must know about it )

www.CpapHelpDesk.com What I show in this video is the weaknesses and strengths the Opus 360 Nasal Pillows has based on the feedback I have gotten from manysleep apnea patients who have used it. Not only that I share my experiences of using this particular cpap nasal pillows myself . Please realize that a Cpap Mask that is good for one person may not necessarily be a good mask for you. Its very personal. We have found that the average Cpap or Bipap user will try 2 or 3 different Cpap Mask before settling on 1 comfortable mask. That’s just the way it is. Irritatingly and frustratingly so for everyone — most health insurance policy will only pay for one mask per cycle. Ideally it would be great if you could try out the mask before deciding if this CPAP mask would work for you. Unfortunately our medical system does not work that way. That’s why we made this and many other information packed videos for you. Visit our website to get a ton of expert advice, tips and video reviews. Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a 100% perfect CPAP mask. Every CPAP mask has strengths and weaknesses. We show you what they are based on the personal feedback we get from our sleep apnea patients. (Not only that I personally have used this mask myself ) Please feel free to subscribe to our Youtube video channel.
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  1. cpaphelpdesk

    Please? keep this in mind. Usually between the 3rd and 6th month if you find your nasal pillows is constantly discolored even after washing, or you are experiencing a lot of leaks – just get replacement nasal pillows cushion for the size you want by itself. It is cheaper. In fact many insurances will pay for replacement nasal pillows cushion only every month.

  2. whatzerface929

    DME gave me this mask yesterday. Last night was my first night ever with cpap after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. My experience with this mask so far is that it’s very light, non-obstructive, easy/fast to put on, stayed on my face all night & I had no trouble falling asleep with it on. Not bad for never sleeping with a mask on before. I do like that the hose can go on top? of my head so I don’t lay all over it. I like how this mask is so small & light.

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