Wearing a Snoring Mask Can Stop Snoring

Wearing a Snoring Mask Can Stop Snoring

Article by Vikram Kuamr

As anyone who has ever tried sleeping with a snorer knows, snoring is really annoying. Many people find it impossible to sleep with a snoring person and they move to another room to get any sleep. Relationships can be disrupted simply due to snoring. Lack of proper sleep can lead to chronic fatigue and other health issues both for the person who snores and for the person(s) trying to sleep alongside them.

In addition to being disruptive and annoying, snoring does present some health risks. By its very definition it causes deprivation of oxygen at normal levels. Oxygen deprivation can contribute significantly to heart failure, strokes, diabetes and sleep apnea (OSA-Obstructive Sleep Apnea).

One of the simplest, most effective snore-control products available today is the snoring mask. It was created on the premise that snoring must be addressed at the cause in order to prevent it. Essentially a snoring mask is a jaw support device designed to hold the jaw in proper alignment while sleeping. To understand how a jaw support can prevent snores, it is important to first understand what causes snoring.

Snores occur when the jaw completely relaxes and slides downward and back into the throat to block air passageways. If the resulting blockage is partial and some air some air may be passing through the constricted airway. The reduction is the size of the passages increases the velocity at which the air moves and vibrations occur in the soft tissues. These vibrations are commonly termed as snores.

Snoring masks were designed by an inventor who looked at the problem very logically. He theorized that the cure for snoring would be based on maintaining proper jaw alignment, thus proper air flow. Being a snorer himself he experimented by placing a strip of cloth cradled under his jaw and tied atop his head. To his amazement he got the best night’s sleep he could remember in years.

A jaw supporter or snoring mask is worn while sleeping. It is comfortable to wear and easy to slip on. The method by which it works is simple, the snoring mask holds the lower jaw in correct alignment, in an upwards position. This positioning effectively increases the volume in the air passageway which in turn reduces the velocity of the air moving through and eliminates vibration of the soft tissues (snoring). A snoring mask can substantially decrease or totally eliminate snoring.

When choosing a sleep mask look for one that is washable, light-weight, guaranteed and available in a range of sizes to assure a proper, comfortable fit. Masks are available in sizes appropriate for children since even children are known to snore. Why put up with the snores when a mask will stop the noise and allow for good, recuperative sleep?

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Those who try to sleep with a snorer rarely see any humor in the situation. Relationships can be saved and households can have peace and quiet if the snorer of the household simply wears a Snoring mask to bed. The Snoring Kit (available online) will stop Snoring and the household will be able to get some much needed sleep.

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